Sunday, April 3, 2011

True Story - Forgiveness and the Power of Letting Go

A friend of mine sent this to me today, and I just had to share it.  It is a true story.  The video below is something that I highly recommend taking the time to watch.  The story below the video is verbatim of what my friend sent to me, and it sends a very powerful message.

Annie lost her battle with cancer on Nov. 14th, 2009. I was her sponsor, however she taught me the greatest lesson. That is the spirit to forgive.

When Annie was 14 years old, her parents were killed by a drunk driver. The loss of her parents and the resentment she carried took her down many roads, that we all know. Annie was raised by her Grandparents, and she rebelled.

By the time Annie was 19 she had a story of the street, and all that goes with it. She was hitchhiking through Northern Ontario and some trucker picked her up. When she got in that rig, the driver asked her where she was going. Annie said, "I don't know." She never knew how much truth was in that statement. Because that trucker was me~!

I had a speaker tape on, not loud, just background noise. And Annie started telling me her story. It was one of heartache, despair and anger. I just listened, as she told me about her parents getting killed and how she let her life get ruined because of it.

I asked her, if she would like a better life, one where she could help people, just like her. I told her about my life and where it took me and that she can have what I and many people have. That night we went for dinner and then took in a meeting, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

She had her last drink, at dinner that night.  Annie rode with me for over four months. We drove all over the country and went to meetings. There was never anything sexual, for she had the top bunk and I had mine on the bottom. She asked me one night, why I never tried anything with her. I told her, that it would kill me if, I lost her friendship and if anything I done caused her to give up her new way of life. It is sad, but Annie told me, that this was the first time anybody cared for her, just as a person.

When Annie was two years sober, she went hunting. She found the person that killed her parents. She used to follow him, and some of us were worried she was going to do something. Well Annie done something alright. She would follow him to the bar, and at closing she would go in and get him. She would give him a ride home. And in the morning she would pick him up and take him to his car. Whenever she was driving him home, in his 'state', he would tell her about the people he killed. Annie would just listen.  This taxi thing went on for about six months. Then one night Annie asked him if he would like to go for coffee, the next night. She told him, she would pick him up, and asked if he would not drink that day. He said yes.

Annie picked him up and she took him for coffee, and it was then that Annie told him who she was. And that it was her parents, that he had killed. She told him her "story" and asked if he would like a new life. She said he could have a life where he could help people just like him.

They went to a meeting that night and Rob has never had a drink since. They have spoken together at many A.A. functions. And The Message of Forgiveness was felt in everyone's heart many times.

Sadly on November 14th, 2009, we lost Annie to cancer. Rob was there for the last three weeks of Annie's fight, and he was holding her hand when she passed away. Rob spoke at Annie's memorial, and he spoke on her forgiveness and how she lived this program with gratitude and humility. He talked about how Annie gave him his greatest gift. And that was the gift of "forgiveness."

I miss Annie and think about her a lot. I think about her most, when I am upset with some person, or something. I think about the "spirit to forgive!" Annie, Rest in Peace and may GOD Bless Your Soul, the way you have Blessed so many of us.