Sunday, October 23, 2011


Blessings that that have arisen out of the adversity of having permanent pain and immobility:

I am home for my children all of the time. This means time to be there to listen to what's going on. It means helping my children stay on track with schoolwork. Also making sure that they can to a good school, college and most importantly, be happy in life. Grow up to be good people.

I have the luxury of being able to cook or bake new recipes and experiment. Before cooking was almost a chore thrown in at the end of the day. Now I can cook and bake and plan meals to enjoy with my family. I also know they eat very healthy meals made from scratch with love.

Also the family tradition of dinner together is a blessing. I learn more about my children at dinner just by being quiet and listening.

The blessing of being able to truly embrace my program of AA again. Thoroughly. With a home group, a sponsor and plans to thoroughly work the steps. Not to mention the wonderful fellowship of friends.

Focusing on my health. Having a physical and knowing what ways I can make my physical health better.

Being grateful and happy for what I have in life, and not feeling unhappy about the things I do not have.

Living simply. Knowing that my humble abode is a warm and welcoming home with a lot of love. Living with the basics and being so very grateful for that knowing how many people do not even have that.

Enjoying time with my animals and the closeness I have with them.

Volunteer work with animal rescue.

Having a beautiful relationship with my mother. Somehow through the grace of God we became very close during my last neck vertebrae fusion, even from a distance. We speak the same language of AA and program of honesty.And most of all I really, really love my Mom.

Knowing that being deemed disabled is not necessarily so bad. I can receive Social Security and have income while treating my back well.  As a result of all of this, I am able to realistically take care of my mother. I can be there around the clock for her, and I can fulfill her wish of not going into a nursing home. She can stay in her own home, and be with her beloved dog Maggi.

Helping others. Doing for others because it feels good to do so. I am a big believer in the Pay It Forward philosophy, and it works.

Most of all, passing all of these things onto my children. Teaching them that when they are asked what they want to be in life, doesn't mean a job.  It means what type of person do you want to be.

Grateful for my entire life.  The good and the bad in this world happen beyond reasons that I cannot fathom, but will know when it is supposed to be revealed.