Monday, May 28, 2012

Bill, One of a Kind

Dear Bill aka Curmudgeon, I should have known that you would go out like this. Let's think about what went through your head when planning your own service, shall we? Okay, at the wake you were dressed in your Founder's Day tshirt and jeans. Here is what you made certain went into that casket with you: Colorful cap with propeller on top, check. Fire extinguisher at your left arm in the off chance you didn't go to Heaven, check. Scooby Doo pillow case to rest your head, check. Psychedelic 60s inspired colorful casket liner, check. Random stuffed Snoopy, check. Sign that read "Don't Mind Me If I Don't Get Up, I'm a Little Stiff", check. Another sign on the inside of casket lid saying "He Finally Shut Up", check. (you definitely could talk a dog off a meat wagon, I mean worse than me, and that's saying something. ). Cup full of multi-colored Sharpies so we could all sign your white wooden casket, check. Bluegrass music with banjos playing, check. Not to mention your reminder to everyone, "I'm Bill. I have terminal cancer. I am going to die. And you are too, HA!" I was teary-eyed, but I couldn't stop laughing and shaking my head. I was thinking, "God, you had to give him a heads up now didn't you". The most important thing with you was the Infinity coin on your chest, I hadn't even heard about those. All of the people who came to pay their respects had a common thread, everyone mentioned how much you helped them with their lives. I think I was one of your last cases, and you were the best sponsor I have ever had. Conventional tradition is having same sex sponsor-sponsee pairings, however you weren't exactly conventional. You made sure I was set up with a female sponsor, and you wanted me to work my program fully and help others to honor your legacy, and I will do that. I will miss you so much. I am so grateful that you are no longer in pain and that you are at peace. At the same time I am so sad that I will never see you again. I swear I can hear you yelling down at me, "Whippersnapper, pull your stuff together". I called you Curmudgeon for a reason and it stuck like glue. Thanks for teaching me about what's important in life, taking care of my side of the street and mentally staying on the beam. I treasure my anniversary coin that you presented to me, I remember all of the nice things you said, and I have my Pass it On plant you gave me. A Swedish Ivy plant that started out at the bedside of Bill W. when he was dying. So many clippings and roots of that plant have lived on, and it's very rare to have a piece of it. I will think of you always and nourish my sobriety and the Pass it On Plant. God bless, I miss you so much. Love, Sharon aka "Whippersnapper"