Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shiba Pagoda Shop

The Shiba Pagoda Shop is coming soon! I plan on launching it this weekend as it is 95% there but I just have a few fixes that I need to make. Up next is Android app development which I am still learning for a Shiba app too(of course). I have another app that I will be creating for a doctor as well. Google has an entire online classroom for app development so I am on it. The Shiba Pagoda store will be carrying all things Shiba, as well as customized items with any photo that customers would like to put on things. Photos that are sent as attachments can be used to make custom items for your own Shiba Inu(s) all types of dogs, cats, or any photo you wish. Basically ask what you want on something, and it can be done. This link is imbedded into the actual Shiba Pagoda website below as there will be other products available on the main site so everything will all be under one Shiba Pagoda roof. Any items that you see on there are available for purchase now, however some changes still need to be made before the launch. Also there will be a RAFFLE for some Shiba Swag for the Shiba Shop Grand Opening with no purchase necessary. Feel free to make a visit to the shop. Below the happy little Shiba logo just hit "Shop Now": Shiba Pagoda Shop