Saturday, January 29, 2011

Foursquare and my Android

I swore I would never use foursquare.  Ever.  It seemed like TMI, and any weirdo could stalk you at any given moment or rob you knowing you are not home, as you "have just checked in to Starbucks" or something.  Ever since I got my Android phone however, I have turned into a mad woman.  My HTC EVO 4G is like my baby.  I'm obsessed.  Did I mention specifically that I have the HTC EVO 4G Android phone?  I promise I am not bragging, I have been obsessed with the getting one for ages.  I'm not very materialistic, everything goes to my kids, but this one I have to admit ... I coveted.  I know, coveting thy neighbor's goods is a sin.  I have checked, and none of my neighbors have one.

I must have every app, and now especially foursquare, the app that made absolutely no logical sense to me.  I must get as many "check ins" as I can, and I must let everyone on Twitter know about them.  Just Twitter though, not Facebook, which I think makes it okay.  I must get badges.  My biggest goal however is to unseat "Mayors".  Mayors are people who have checked in the most amount of times to certain places, and they get crown badges for becoming the Mayor.  I am now looking up the frequent places I go on foursquare, and I am convinced that I can check in to these places more than the current Mayors.  My goal is to now unseat existing Mayors and become the Mayor myself of many locations.  I am now looking at people's profiles to see how many times they have checked in somewhere to become Mayor.  I know I can become the Mayor of our local Starbucks.  I don't care how many Caramel Macchiatos it will take, but I will become Mayor.  

Being a Mom, I go to the grocery store, a lot.  Having two teenagers means mass consumption of food, all day and they get up in the middle of the night too.  I spend a lot on groceries and have many mini trips for milk, etc.  I just looked up my local grocery store on foursquare (you can look up anywhere to see who is the Mayor, stats, etc.) and I just found out that the "Mayor" (Dave M.) there has all of 14 check ins.  I laugh, I scoff, "Really?  Only 14 check ins and you call yourself the Mayor?"  That's my next target.  This same Dave M. is the Mayor of the convenience store I stop by from time to time.  I'm going after that one too.  Now I am in a highly competitive race to become Mayor of several places and unseat Dave M.  Did I mention I have no idea who "Dave M." is?  He has his real photo as his foursquare profile picture.  I have decided to be stealthy and keep mine on the down low.  I don't want Dave M. seeing me after all, in my quest to unseat him from all of these places.  All of a sudden he is going to be blindsided by "Sharon F. has unseated you as Mayor of Shaws".  I will then have the coveted crown.

I know, this is not the thought process of a sane person.  I am aware.  I know I sound like a power-hungry lunatic.  I know that there is no tangible, "real" crown.  Yet my quest is on.  I will post a new blog soon as to my conquests and triumphs.  For now I am going to log off of my computer and go on my Android.  Before that however, I am going to update my foursquare account to let people who are sniffing around know that I have two very vicious guard dogs that will tear intruders to shreds if they even look at my home when I am away.  Well, Suki will probably lick them to death, but still ...


  1. OMG Kyan! I'm loving it!!!!! So glad you are finally on blogger~ and your blog is awesome! <3

  2. Hey Lee :-) I have been using Blogger for awhile now, and my friend Toni nudged me into getting back into it. She and her husband travel quite a bit, and her travel blogs are hilarious!

  3. "I know, coveting thy neighbor's goods is a sin. I have checked, and none of my neighbors have one." OMG --- I am still laughing!!!!! Please, please blog more often. The world needs you and your observations.

  4. great! But not working today, frustrating cause I can't check in to where I've been.