Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shiba Rescue of Ocean County

Mitch and Roberta Fuchs work tirelessly for Shiba Rescue of Ocean County. Please consider donating to their Shiba Rescue efforts. Visit the Shiba Rescue of Ocean County Site on and the email address associated with their PayPal account is on there: inurescue@gmail.com. Or you can choose to donate via the ChipIn widget below. Here is just one reason to help out a Shiba Inu in need. Ellie is a Shiba who spent 9 years tied to old dog house in an Amish puppy mill. We are so happy we were able to save her from horrible surroundings and bring her into our rescue! Like most dogs from puppy mills, trust takes time to gain with these dogs. It took us 5 weeks to get her to trust us enough to allow us to touch her. She has a mammary tumor and severe sores on all four paws that occasionally swell and bleed. In the three months she has been with us she has turned around, we can pet her and engage her in play. Ellie still needs to be spayed, tumor removed and dental. We are raising funds to get Ellie all the care she needs. If you are interested in adopting Ellie, please contact us at inurescue@gmail.com

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